National Conference 2020

A national Conference on Witnessing to the Gospel in a Pluralistic World is Organized by Carmelgiri Research Institute for Community Development and Pastoral Studies (CRI cdps) in Collaboration with Association of Carmelgiri Seminary Alumni (ACSA).


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Different forums such as Jesus Fraternity Forum, Missiology  Forum, Writers' Forum, Social Action Forum etc. function at Carmelgiri envisaging holistic formation of our seminarians.

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Important occasions such as St Thomas day, Vianney Day,  Independence Day etc. are solemnly celebrated at Carmelgiri. Prominent persons from various fields are invited on such occasions.

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St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Carmelgiri, Alwaye, is a home which nurtures committed and enlightened disciples of Christ to be servant leaders of the people through philosophical and theological formation to build up the Kingdom of God, a just, secular and free society.


Carmelgiri aims at the formation of the seminarians in the multi-religious and cultural context of India, through human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral programmes, to equip them to be Catholic priests building up the family of God in order that the dignity of human person and his/her environment may be upheld.


Motto of the Year